D&D 5e Review

5th Edition D&D was a big shift from 4th edition, a sort of renaissance if you will. It basically combined 3.5e and 4e and came up with something more complex and traditional than 4e but with less rules and numbers management than 3.5e. In an attempt to cover all of that Sean and Ted did a comprehensive review of all things 5e, but additional videos are posted as new content is released. If you’ve got something else 5e related you’d like to see reviewed, just let us know!

General 5e Review

5e Player’s Handbook Review

5e Monster Manual Review

5e Dungeon Master Guide Review

5e DM vs Player Perspective Review

5e vs. 3.5e Comparison

5e Review Finale

5e-Grid vs Theater of the Mind Comparison

Pre-Written Campaign Reviews

5e Starter Set Review

Lost Mines of Phandelver Review

Hoard of the Dragon Queen Review

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