Nerd Immersion Cosplay


Nerd Immersion Cosplay is a cosplay group focused on cheap, efficient and accurate cosplay from video games, movies, TV, etc. Perhaps you’ve seen us at a convention or maybe you just stumbled here by chance, either way welcome! Below you’ll find a history of the group as well as a link to our Facebook page as well as a link to our good friends, SheWolf Cosplays. Be sure to check back at Nerd Immersion for more Cosplay/Prop tutorials from us!

Click here to see a history of how Nerd Immersion Cosplay came to be: History


Click here to see pictures of us at various conventions: Pics of Us


Nerd Immersion Cosplay Facebook

Nerd Immersion Instagram

SheWolf Cosplays Facebook

SheWolf Cosplays Tumblr

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