Ted –

(FYI: Sometimes you may hear me referred to as Lagwyn) Growing up I played video games (starting back on an Atari 2600) but was more interested in the outdoors. This included archery, shooting, hunting and my favorite pastime, fishing. I’ve always had my hands in all things nerd culture from comics, to movies, to cosplay, to gaming. I started gaming heavily with the release of the Nintendo 64, and the rest has been history. To further my gaming habit, I held onto birthday money, sold Halloween candy on the bus, etc to save up enough to buy my family’s first PC so I could play computer games.
 Always having an interest in dinosaurs since I was young, I grew up, went to college, studied paleontology and graduated with a degree in Geology. I am married to my lovely wife, Claire, who you can learn more about if you read below.
 I’ve always been a fan movies from action adventure to Scifi to horror (with an emphasis on really cheesey horror movies, like most of the SyFy channel originals).
 Even though I owned a PS2 I was always a  Nintendo fan boy, but in 2006 while working at GameStop I purchased an XBOX 360 and started broadening my gaming horizons into the world of competitive online.
 You may also know me as Lagwyn, owner of Chronicles of Tyria, a guild/community for the MMORPG Guild Wars 2. I am the host of the podcast as well as involved with several other video series produced on that YouTube channel.


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For me to label myself as a “nerd” would most likely be considered an insult to the nerd community. I am more along the lines of a wanna-be-nerd. A “NOOB” if you will. I take no insult by this. I would say this happened as a result of lack of exposure, not lack of interest. I grew up on a farm and excelled at sports it just wasn’t in the cards for my childhood. I didn’t see Star Wars until I was 25, I didn’t know what dungeons and dragons was until I met my husband, and I’m still trying to figure out why the Doctor keeps changing? The positive side to this upsetting lack of awareness is I still get to explore, learn, and become a fan of things I didn’t know existed yesterday. I do this with the overwhelming support and encouragement of my husband, Ted.








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 Uncle Sean-

Sup, nerds? Uncle Sean got his introduction to nerd culture as a young child through video games on the NES. He still remembers Super Mario World 3 freezing after you beat King Koopa and he doesn’t want to talk about it. This love of video games hasn’t faded through the years.  He still misses playing mutant league hockey on the SEGA Genesis and wouldn’t mind giving Final Fantasy 7 another play though. In high school he got more involved in cinema, theater, and table top games. He’s still slightly embarrassed by how much he misses his character from Buffy the RPG. In college he branched out into D&D and Harry Potter. If you ever would like to get in a slightly too serous conversation about Hogwarts Houses, he’s your guy. When he’s not hating on Slytherin or DMing he can be found officiating weddings or attending SUNY New Paltz.





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First off I am not a “gamer girl”. I like games; watching my friends play through them, hearing about the stories, but I never get around to spending the time (or money) on the games myself. The only console I have ever owned is a PC (and that’s not even a console!). I’ve played a few MMORPGs, usually only one game at a time.

Aside from the MMORPG of the year, my most prominent hobby is my art! (Check out my Deviantart page!) A lot of what I draw/paint is fan art for my current MMO, so the archives of my deviant page also act like road map of my MMO history. My work is predominantly digital nowadays, my real-medium skills became severely neglected after the loss of my scanner. I also do needlepoint (cross stitch and other embroidery) and want to get into cosplay in the near future.

I was born and raised in Alberta, Canada; the third Canadian generation in my family. I also love doggies! Even though I’m allergic to most furry animals.






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Greetings mortals, I am Reapray.

You would not be mistaken in realizing that you do not know who I am, but if you are reading this on one of your quaint 21st century “digital” devices, you have me to thank.
Since before the extinction of Arcadius Commonus I have saved your world, and others, from threats like Lavos, the Devourer of Time, the Flood, and Stillwater street gangs?

In my down time from saving creation, I enjoy finding hidden gems of story, song, and art in the world of video games, modern and retro, reading Dan Abnett and Aaron Dembski-Bowden, and attempting to complete a single one of my few Warhammer armies.

Eventually I hope to figure out how I can stream awesomeness from my PS4, with interest to do a series of not-quite-retro gaming sessions with some of my older favorites like Chrono Trigger and River City Ransom.

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My name is Xand. Yes, that is a reference to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yes I am a girl. And yes, I am a nerd. Oh, and I cosplay. 
I got my start in cosplaying at the first ever PAX East when cosplaying as a Red Medic from TF2. One half of the SheWolf Cosplays team, I preach the beginner cosplay gospel at conventions and events up and down the east coast. 
When I’m not nerding out about cosplay, I’m usually working as a Brand Evangelist at PeopleMetrics, where I’m nerding out about sales and marketing. 
When I’m not nerding out about sales and marketing, I’m usually nerding out about dogs. I was a groomer for 5 years.

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When I was in second gradeIdressedupasEricDraven from the Crow for Halloween at school.Nooneelsewas dressed up, but I decided to have fun with it anyway. 

When I was in third grade I lugged a ragged thrift store copy of Stephen King’s ‘It’ to and from class every day. A teacher in the hall that wasn’t mine  yelled at me for being ‘pretentious’ and asked me for a brief oral book report – the look on her face was awesome when I told her all about It. 

When I was twelvish my older brother played a lot of weird games about dragons and dungeons with his weird friends and listened to Green Day and Nine Inch Nails.
I still read horror tomes voraciously, I still dress up over confidently (as part of SheWolf Cosplays), and I still roll my eyes at my brother (but I totally love all of that weird stuff, with a focus on World of Darkness, Dookie, and Pretty Hate Machine respectively). 
I also fancy myself a writer and heavy reader, be it classic literature, trashy romance novels, fanfiction, or popular novels. You may hear my little kid voice murdering things with Ted etc. on XBOX. 
Be nerdy with me and follow me on tumblr.

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Sara Jane- 

 I grew up watching Sci-Fi; Dr. Who, Star Trek, and Red Dwarf (to this day a Rimmer salute still makes me weak in the knees). I also got into Marvel and anything mutant related. I have since broadened my horizons to include the Avengers and non-mutant related heroes. I generally tend to side with the badguys though, the Deceptacons..Cobra…Hail Hydra! I just feel they are misrepresented in the media. And have much cooler logo’s and costumes. I have also gotten into the Harry Potter series, cause magic is badass. And I gotta say it, Slytherin pride.

I love to play video games but wouldn’t consider myself a gamer – I don’t have the time or the dedication. Unless it’s Dragon Age. I love me some Dragon Age (or anything dragon related, come to think of it). Sigh…Alister…

I am a huge cinefile, especally when it comes to action movies, anything superhero related, and sci-fi. B Movies hold a special place in my heart, especially ones with monsters and styrofoam props. I’m also a huge fan of anything H.P. Lovecraft related. All hail Lord Cthulhu.

I work in a medical lab by day, and by night like to make geeky crochet/craft projects. Mostly amigurmi Avengers and jewlery, but I like to keep an open mind when it comes to new projects.

Oh, and I am steadily working towards my life-long dream of being accepted into the Cryptozoological Society of London. A girl’s gotta have dreams.

Check out some of my projects at http://saracites.deviantart.com/