2017 D&D Extra Life Stream Part 1!

24 Hours of Tomb of Annihilation! (Extra Life)
2017 D&D Extra Life Stream Part 2

Come and join the chaos of what is our third ever 24 hour D&D Extra Life stream! Unlike the one earlier this year, it takes place 100% online and is a continuation of the stream we did last year! Who knows what kind of shenanigans everyone will get into!

Ash aka Light:

Rurikl aka Jal:

Scarlett aka Katie:

Morthos aka Benzyme:

To donate to our Extra Life page: http://www.extra-life.org/participant/nerdimmersion

Catch us LIVE playing D&D 5e every Tuesday night at 8:30PM Eastern and every other Monday night at 8:30PM Eastern!

Music provided by Benjamin Briggs, to get your own copies of his awesome royalty free music, head over to

24 Hours of Tomb of Annihilation! (Extra Life)
2017 D&D Extra Life Stream Part 2

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